Multi-Omics Integration for Cancer Related Pattern Discovery


主講人:高琳  西安電子科技大學教授




主講人介紹:高琳,女,博士,二級教授,博士生導師,省級重點學科學術帶頭人。計算機學會生物信息學專業委員會副主任,人工智能學會生物信息學與人工生命專業委員會副主任,運籌學會計算生物信息學分會常務理事,細胞生物學學會生物信息學與系統生物學分會理事。陜西省學位委員會學科評議組第三屆成員,西安電子科技大學第八界學術委員會委員。國家科學技術獎評審專家,國家重大專向評審專家,第十三屆、十四屆國家自然基金委員會信息學部評審組專家,863項目答辯評審專家。國家自然基金、博士點基金、 博士后基金、留學回國人員基金等通訊評審專家,《Frontiers in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology》編委。APBC,ISBRA,IEEE ISB等多個國際會議PC。

內容介紹:The mechanism, diagnosis and prognosis of cancer is one of the core researches problem in life science and related multidisciplinary domain. The challenge is that the progression process of a cancer is a highly dimensional, time varying, and dynamic system. How do we discover cancer-causing patterns, cancer subtyping and finally associate these patterns with cancer initiation, progression and therapy. With increasing amounts of multi-omics/single-cell multi-omics data becoming available, we can construct the computational model of those kinds of data by different kinds of model. The system biology and complex network provide new insight for cancer. In this talk, I will investigate network models for different patterns for cancer with multi-omics data integration. The key methodological challenges face in computational disease modeling.